Instead of the Scheduled Run…Play with Fog and Sun

I laced up my shoes this morning to do a short run and found everything covered once again (like it is so often in October/November) in a beautiful, gauzy mist, slightly heavier than usual. So I ended up taking a leisurely photographic walk up the road as the sun came up–and finished with a super quick run once the fog began to burn off.

Here are a few I took with the black and white app MPro and, unusually, shot into the sun coming through the fog. These are “straight out of the box” so to speak–with no editing (no filters–other than shooting in the black and white of MPro–and no adjustments). I love the drama of morning sun in fog and also the softness of MPro’s black and white, especially when combined with fog.





Kids. Water. Joy.

Jones Bridge Park on a Sunday (yesterday) afternoon–full of kids exploring cold water and playing with abandon.

Jones Bridge Park 1-- April-12-2015

Jones Bridge Park 2-April-12-2015

Jones Bridge Park 3-April-12-2015

Jones Bridge Park 4-April-12-2015

Jones Bridge Park 5-April-12-2015

Jones Bridge Park 6-April-12-2015

Jones Bridge Park 7-April-12-2015

Sunday Play: Digital Collage

Brain fog. The consequence of sitting for far too long at one Starbucks table reading about Lacan, Winnicott, and sadomasochism on a computer screen.

My escape from brain fog: photographing the fountain nearby, in the rain, and playing with the images for the rest of the afternoon. Violà! Six digital collages.

The collages started as black and white photos taken with MPro on my iPhone which I then collaged with the app Moldiv, processed in Stackables and Snapseed, and re-collaged a couple of more times. Only a trace is left of the original inspiration, but the results are fun!