A Little Fun with my iPhone on a Wet, Foggy Day


There was a beautiful fog when I stepped outside work today. I love fog (see here and here). I will stop on the side of the road if needed in order to get a shot. Fortunately, I didn’t have to do that today.* The field behind the Y–right across the street–was beckoning with oh-so-many possibilities.

I shot in black and white with MPro, but when I came home I couldn’t resist playing around. I’m searching for a formula for a certain type of sepia and I haven’t found it yet. I’ll be patient. I’ve only recently started mixing different filters from different apps to find the perfect one. Today I played with the photos in Snapseed and Stackables apps. I didn’t get it today, but I definitely had fun trying. The collage was made with Moldiv.

*Does stopping by the library to get a picture of the water tower count?

3 Comments on “A Little Fun with my iPhone on a Wet, Foggy Day

  1. I like the one with the street lamp with the top of the tent cover (?) in the background. And the sepia looks good ;). It really adds a contrast to the dull shade of fog.

    And it depends whether stopping by the library counts. If you were there to get/drop off a book, then no, it does not count. If you were there only to get the picture, then yes, that does count.

    • Thank you! I like the lamppost as well. I almost like it better in black and white, in its original form, so I may have to post it somewhere like that. Hehe–I actually stopped at the library just to photograph the tower. But at least it wasn’t on the side of the road (or smack dab in the middle of a country dirt road). 😉

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