A Followup Interview at Ennyman’s Territory

Melissa D Johnston-expansion-Story-OTPHIn 2010, Ed Newman interviewed me for his blog Ennyman’s Territory. I was just beginning to find my legs creatively and his interest was a huge encouragement for me. A few weeks ago he contacted me again to do a followup interview. the door for portfolio 2015It was perfect timing. It made me think once again about why I do what I do and how I do it. It even helped me think more deeply about my current show “Story” and sparked the idea of turning the receptions into a weaving of autobiography, fairy tales, and images. So, thank you once again, Ed! The new interview, which came out today, is also at Ennyman’s Territory: “Artist Melissa D Johnston Revisited.”

Interview with Nicola Ayoub, international choreographer and dancer

Every week on the Facebook Creative Thresholds page we feature one post from the archives. This week’s is my interview with Nicola Ayoub, one of the most inspiring creatives I know who has found a way to live her dream, albeit through much faith and perseverance. Be inspired by her story at Creative Thresholds.

Nicola Ayoub