Eternal Childhood: The things we carry

“The things we carry” is another piece in the Eternal Childhood series, which explores the magic not just of childhood, but of being human itself. A magic we could experience if we could but glimpse ourselves and the world differently for even one moment.
Melissa D. Johnston-The things we carry

Eternal Childhood: Phases


A recent iPhone creation, using one of the photos I took last Sunday at Jones Bridge Park in Norcross, Georgia. It’s a part of a new series, Eternal Childhood, which explores the magic of childhood–a magic than can exist in every moment, even for adults.

“Resolve to be always beginning—to be a beginner!” –Rainer Maria Rilke

What Flow Sometimes Feels Like



When you’re in flow, the spirit expands and the world becomes magically filled with possibilities.

Playing or singing music is perhaps one of the most universal ways to enter flow. I don’t sing anymore, but whenever I’m taking photos, I almost always feel in flow. Ditto for the postproduction process. Perhaps that’s why I’m so addicted to mobile photography–the means for flow is always right there with me. “Expansion” was taken and processed in an iPhone 5s.