“The Power of Labeling” exhibition

the incluseum emblem from FBThere are exciting and innovative things going on in the art world right now. The Incluseum is one of them. It’s a Seattle-based project that seeks social inclusion in museums. Part of that mission is to rethink how institutional cultural spaces operate in general. Recently they decided to play with a traditional museum function: the exhibition. They asked, “What would a digital exhibition look like and what would its process be if inclusion was THE central and driving value?” Working for months with community advisors, non-profits, artists, and other creatives, they decided to host an exhibition that addressed the power of labeling.

This is from the call for entries:



Museums are known for labeling. How does that impact our experience of objects and art? What happens when we label people? How have people labeled you and how do you label yourself?

I’m delighted to say that one of my digital works, “authenticity,” is in this exhibition. “authenticity” addresses the question of how we identify and label things—primarily people and their creations—as authentic Who has the authority to do that? How? What is authenticity anyway? Is it a projection of the viewer onto the other? How does one know when one is being authentic? “The Power of Labeling” began in May and runs through September 2, 2014. Check it out. There are some super cool provocative pieces there.

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