iPhoneography Monday: Black and White (in a Fog)

phoneography challenge wordpress croppedA couple of weeks ago I played hooky from all my early morning responsibilities by taking my iPhone out for a leisurely (and beautiful) walk in the fog. I posted a couple of the photos from that day in What I Did Instead….. What I’d forgotten is how many photos I’d taken with Camera + that I’d not moved to my camera roll. I discovered them last Wednesday when I’d stopped to take a photo of a rainbow on my way home from work and opened the app.

I probably would’ve left the photos a bit longer had I not learned about iPhoneography Monday at the end of last week and thought they’d be perfect for the black and white challenge this week. I took a few, processed them in Dramatic Black & White, and added frames (frame: Shadow II) in Photo Toaster.

These were shot in color and processed into black and white. When I first picked up a camera, a photographer friend, whose monochrome photography I adore, told me that all he ever did was shoot in color. He learned how to see a color scene in terms of the possibilities of black and white. (As a young photographer, he actually started by shooting in black and white–film–but came to enjoy the challenge of shooting in color for black and white.) For the most part, that’s what I do with all my cameras.  But I’m beginning to dabble in shooting with various monochrome camera apps , especially MPro. I plan to post some of those explorations as well. Do you have a favorite app you use for black and white mobile photography?

Foggy Day C+ set September 2013 photo 1Foggy Day C+ set Sept 2013 photo5Foggy Day C+ set Sept 2013 photo 3Foggy Day C+ set Sept 2013 photo 2Foggy Day C+ set Sept 2013 photo 4

20 Comments on “iPhoneography Monday: Black and White (in a Fog)

  1. Melissa, welcome to the challenge. Really enjoyed your set of images–truly fitting for monochrome. One and three are my favorites. By the way there is a new logo (check my homepage), because the title of the challenge has been changed to acknowledge those using Smartphones of all brands. Happy Phoneography Monday.

    • Hi Sally, thanks so much–and thanks for your visit. I like one and three as well. I changed the logo. Glad to see all mobile photographers are welcome. Happy Phoneography Monday to you as well–and thanks for creating it.

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  3. Welcome, Melissa, and lovely photos. I don’t have any apps yet and my B&W photos have to be naturally that way for now. 🙂 One of these days…


    • Thanks! The first image is my favorite. 🙂 We have some spectacular fogs here and great landscapes in which to capture it. This is the first time I’ve taken my iPhone out to do it, though. I usually take one of my cameras. Haze is also great for those types of results. 🙂

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  6. My personal favorite is 4. You never know what’s around a corner, whether figuratively or literally. Well, unless you’ve been there and do know what’s around the corner. But something could have changed! Someone may be standing there!

    …And there I go debating with myself again… Great work!! 🙂

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