Creative Thresholds

Last year, in between my first and second surgery for thyroid cancer (I ended up having three), I came up with the idea of having a magazine-style blog called Creative Thresholds where I shared some of my work but also showcased some of my super-talented friends’ work. That was about 7 months ago and the circle of writers and artists has grown to include new artist and writer friends.  I’m constantly amazed and thankful for their generosity and creativity.

The July issue just came out (CT comes out the last Thursday of the month), and, as usual I’m excited! This issue includes

question bridge image option 1

Critiquing “Question Bridge”: Representing Black Male Identity in America: An incisive essay about Black male identity in art, particularly the Question Bridge project, by Christopher Hutchinson

Brent Houzenga 6

Honorarium: Brent Houzenga’s multi-media art that transforms the images of those long dead.

rothko experiment B1.1.2a

everytime i write i feel myself disintegrate, written by Daniel Boscaljon, with images from me–the first in a series of posts called Letters to You

Maxwell Sebastian 3Maxwell Sebastian explores his ambivalent relationship with Atlanta in Dispatches from Atlanta: Love and Hate in the South

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